Energy Technologies


ENTE was founded in 2006 by engineers with extensive experience and specialization in the design and supervision of technical/energy projects. Since then, it has achieved continuous improvement and growth, constantly striving for an energy sustainable future.

Active contribution to the development of an environmental protection philosophy driven by Energy Sustainability and the development of Renewable Energy Sources projects  

  • Continuous improvement of services 
  • Increase market share  
  • Engagement with innovative applications 

Continuous developing and deepening of our know-how and expertise

Provision of services that fully cover the development and implementation of energy projects. This includes the assessment of the project’s viability, both technically and financially, the licensing procedure, finding financing opportunities, preparation of studies, supervision and commissioning of the project. 

Build trusting relationships with clients by providing ongoing and reliable support throughout each project until the end goal is achieved. 

We make extraordinary efforts to attract, develop and retain the very best energy engineers in the business. The well-being of our people both physically and mentally is our number one priority. We treat everyone with respect and embrace diversity. We promote our young recruits because we believe a fresh perspective can bring new and great ideas.      

ENTE currently employs 20 people, of which 18 are engineers (9 with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and 9 with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering) and 2 Administrative Staff members. 

At the same time ENTE has permanent & long-term partnerships with selected external partners. 

The staff’s continuous education and training is a firm policy company and is achieved both through participation in specialized training programs conducted by external institutions of recognized value and prestige, as well as within ENTE. 

Our engineers 

  • Hold Master’s degrees in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering 
  • Hold Case Study Researcher’s Degrees for public sector studies:
    1. Class A, B & C in Category 9 – Electromechanical Studies
    2. Class A & B in Category 14 – Renewable Energy Studies
    3. Class A in Category 27 – Environmental Studies
  • Are registered Energy Inspectors (Public Registry of the Ministry of Environment and Energy). They hold Class A, B & C licenses and have the right to carry out energy inspections of buildings of all categories, uses, and heating & air conditioning systems, regardless of their thermal and cooling capacity
  • Are registered Energy Auditors (Public Registry of the Ministry of Environment and Energy) and have the right to carry out energy audits A, B & C Class, according to Greek Law 4342/2015



Company establishment

A team of inspired and experienced engineers work together towards their vision.


Pioneering the Greek PV market

Our first two grid-connected PV projects (100 kWp each) were among the first eight to be implemented in Greece.


New offices in Thermi

Moved into our new offices in our own building in the suburbs of Thessaloniki


ONE OF THE 1st Biomass projects in Greece

Managed one of the first biomass projects ever implemented in Greece.


ONE OF The 1st solar cooling projects in greece

One of the first solar thermal/cooling applications in the hospital sector. Demonstrated our ability in finding innovative solutions.


MilOil Hellas S.A.

Design, feasibility study, licensing procedure and project management, of a 3 MW Biogas Plant.