Energy service company (ESCO)


[European directive 2006/32 and Greek legislation (Law 3855)]. Energy service companies (ESCOs) are an important instrument for the implementation of energy efficiency measures. ESCOs guarantee a specific amount of energy saving, and the project returns its capital investment based on this figure.


Expert service and support towards improving energy efficiency, while taking part in the business risk by the repayment of the investment according to the conventional agreed level of improvement of the energy efficiency.

Providing “Energy Service”

In accordance with the applicable legislation: the natural positive result, utility or benefit resulting from the combination of energy with energy efficient technology and/or action, which may include the installation, operation, maintenance and control required to provide this service. This service normally leads to verifiable and proven (measured or estimated) improvement of energy efficiency and/or primary energy savings.

Financing of projects

Identification, design, research and implementation of energy saving interventions in buildings and industrial facilities, while ensuring the financing of projects