Energy Inspection – Energy Conservation


Energy saving in industries – services sector:

Conducting Inspections

Conducting extensive energy inspections in industries, hotel facilities and residential & tertiary sector buildings

Continuous surveillance

Continuous surveillance of the energy behavior and energy management of buildings, installations and equipment

Designing and supervision

Designing and supervision of energy-saving intervention

Necessary Equipment

Owning all the necessary equipment for conducting extensive energy inspections, the company provides integrated services as energy inspector.

Energy efficiency in the residential sector:

Energy Inspectors

Energy Inspectors of buildings, heating& air conditioning systems, registered to the Special Office of Energy Inspectors of the Ministry of environment, energy & climate change

Preparing energy

Preparing energy inspections and issuing more than 60 building energy performance certificates

Providing integrated

Providing integrated energy services owning all the necessary equipment for conducting extensive energy inspections


Identification of the necessary actions regarding to energy saving