Electromechanical Installations

In the sector of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering projects, the Company provides the following services:

  • Design of electromechanical installations for industries and hotels
  • Design of electromechanical installations for grand scale buildings
  • Design of electromechanical installations for buildings of specialized uses (e.g. hospitals, listed buildings, museums, theatres, etc.)
  • Design of Electromechanical installations for residences with integrated renewable energy sources, such as solar systems and geothermy
  • Implementation studies for the establishment and operation of enterprises
  • Project Management of major public and private works
  • The Company also provides implementation studies for public works since the engineers hold public engineering degrees (N.716/77) on electromechanical works (category 9) and degrees of class A, B and C:
  • Design and Implementation of INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS, according to ΚΝΧ standard. Link: KNX

Study and supervised construction of electricomechanical installations at :

  • “Astoria” Hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Nursery, kindergarten and restaurant of American Farm School in Thessaloniki
  • Student Club in Technological Educational Institute of Serres
  • Rehabilitation Clinic “Anaviosi” in Drama
  • Sports Center “Sport Forum” in Thessalonki
  • Storage area for “Hub Logistics”
  • Commercial center for “Sioris – Amanatidou GP”